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The afrimapr project is as much about growing a community as it is about developing code. We would love to hear from you!

What are we looking for?

The project is new - it only kicked off in January 2020. We are working on a number of issues for which we received funding from the Wellcome Open Research fund. We believe you, as the community, may have many more ideas and needs than what is currently being addressed in the project and encourage you to let us know.

Ideally, we are looking for feedback on, and help with, the packages that are under development as our development team and volunteer community is currently very small. However, we’d love to hear your ideas for additional functionality that may be useful in your work. We are constantly looking for ways to make the project more sustainable by bringing more funders and collaborators on board and may be able to start work on novel features as well.

Below we describe a few ways in which you can get involved…

Talk to us on Twitter


Currently live
afrimapr Google Group
Email us on the Google Group!forum/afrimapr

Currently live
Andy's email
Email Andy South (project lead)

Andy’s email

Currently live
afrimapr suggestions
Make suggestions or request features as issues in Github

Currently live
afrimapr code
Contribute to the R code

Project code

Currently live
afrimapr map Use the R building blocks in your own packages and scripts
Packages under development
Early access as packages are under development
afrimapr teaching Help us to develop training materials or teach someone to use afrimapr tools
Training materials
Recently launched!
afrimapr blog Contribute a guest blog post relevant to the afrimapr project
Contribution guidelines

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