afrimapr was funded through Wellcome Open Research and Wellcome Data for Science and Health between 2020 - 2021. The project is no longer actively being supported and the website and resources will no longer be updated. However, we will keep the website up for as long as possible and the GitHub repositories and Youtube channel will stay accessible. We hope you will find the news, information, and resources useful.

afrimapr started in 2020 and is funded through the Wellcome Open Research Fund and Wellcome Data for Science and Health.

afrimapr creates R building blocks and learning resources to make it easier to make data-driven maps in Africa.

The created resources are promoted in Africa and beyond to grow a community of users and developers to maintain and improve them.

The R building blocks will make it easier to perform spatial data management tasks that should be straightforward, but seldom are, including: summarising data by administrative regions of different levels; joining and displaying data referenced by administrative region names; access to environmental, socio-economic and health data and displaying data in static maps and interactive web applications.

Components are designed for ease of use to target new users of R.

afrimapr also develops tutorials and runs online workshops. We hope to facilitate in-person workshops in the future.

The afrimapr project is funded through the

Wellcome Open Research Fund and Wellcome Data for Science and Health

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September 07, 2021

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