Afrimapr @ Global Open Education Week 2021

• Andy South, Anelda van der Walt, Laurie Baker

Next week afrimapr will run a 45 min introduction and Q&A session, showcasing our materials and inviting input.

afrimapr presentation during OEW2021


On Wednesday 3 March at 13:00 UTC we will introduce our open training materials, components and interactive applications related to mapping data in Africa using R. We look forward to hearing from participants about challenges they experience in mapping their African data during the Q&A session. We also invite participants to discuss what’s on their wishlist from afrimapr.

This session forms part of Global Open Education Week 2021 which seeks to raise awareness and highlight open education efforts worldwide.

The presentation will specifically be of interest to data analysts, researchers, students, and data journalists working with African data. If you have experience with R, great, but not essential.

As a part of the presentation we will outline, and invite applications, for a 3-session hands-on training series planned for next month. The training series will be open to a small group of R users. Initially we will guide participants through foundational mapping exercises using our tutorials. Subsequently they will be supported to move forward using their own data to replicate some of the mapping activities demonstrated during the tutorials. We will run 3 sessions of 90 mins each in consecutive weeks starting at the end of March.

For any questions about the session, please get in touch via Twitter @afrimapr or email

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